Undead Blackout


Undead Blackout is a top-down arcade shooter inspired by classics like Smash TV and Resident Evil as well as many TV shows and films featuring those pesky zombies! It was first released on Steam back in February 2017 and is currently undergoing a huge reboot in preparation for its debut on Xbox One in 2019.



  • Undead Blackout: Reanimated Edition Has Launched On Steam
    After twelve months of dicking around and wasting time on boring “actual life stuff”, finally I have had the time to actually get Undead Blackout to the point I would like it to be at. This means I have rushed it onto Steam in time for the Summer […]
  • It’s Another Update That Isn’t Really Saying Much
    Back in February (my god that was ages ago) I wrote a blog about actually getting off my arse and doing some work. It may come as no great shock to learn that this has not happened. There has been no work. Why is this? Life. Big dumb, stupid life […]
  • Menu’s, Highscores and Other Super Boring Undead Blackout Tasks
    Our previous blog some 7 days ago was all about how we are moving into the Alpha build of Undead Blackout. The basic blocks were there but now literally everything else needed adding in. Well the good news is that this process is almost done! […]
  • Moving Into Undead Blackout’s Alpha Build. Again.
    We announced the other week that Undead Blackout was getting a massive overhaul so I should probably let you know how that is going., right? Doesn’t really matter what you say at this point as that is what I am going to do. At the moment we […]
  • Undead Blackout Is Not Totally Dead Just Yet
    It is safe to say that Undead Blackout has not been a huge success and this should come as no surprise to anyone at all, least of all me. When the game first released on February 3rd 2017, I was exhausted and the game was an unfinished mess. It sold […]