4MB Interactive was founded on August 10th 2015 (under our old name) by me, Tom Gilchrist. I was basically messing around with Unreal Engine trying to figure out how it works when I accidentally got a game through Steam Greenlight and was forced by Valve to become some vaguely professional outfit in order to flog my game on their lovely platform.

We have gone through a few names as I am incredibly indecisive and get bored quickly. First off we were Broken Pad Games, then we were Borderline Inappropriate Game Studios. That name was way too long (and also rubbish) and now we are 4MB Interactive Ltd

Why 4MB? This was the size of the RAM cartridge that was required to play some of the games on the Sega Saturn and something I always wanted so I could play some of the awesome Capcom fighting games (but never got the chance to) The cartridge sits on the shelf above my desk now

We release games for Console, PC, and Mobile devices and don’t like to stick to any one genre or type of game. Expect some experimentation!