4MB Interactive was founded on August 10th 2015. I (Tom Gilchrist) was messing around with Unreal Engine trying to figure out how it worked when I accidentally got a game through Steam Greenlight and was forced by Valve to become some vaguely professional outfit to flog my game on their lovely platform.

Why 4MB? This was the size of the RAM cartridge that was required to play some of the games on the Sega Saturn and something I always wanted so I could play some of the awesome Capcom fighting games (but never got the chance to) The cartridge sits on the shelf above my desk now.

We love old games here at 4MB Interactive. Our games are built using modern tech but with an eye on the past as we love a bit of nostalgia. Expect some new twists on classic titles or interesting mash-ups.



Tom is the founder, CEO, Creative Director, and janitor for 4MB. He has a ridiculously large retro games collection, passionately supports Arsenal FC and is a little too addicted to caffeine.


Harry is the musical brains of the operation and is in charge of all things audio-related. Chief Audio Officer – is that a thing? A talented musician and part-time guitar sales-person, his all-time favourite game is Parapa The Rapper