Undead Blackout v2.2 – Patch Notes

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Two for the price of one!

It has been so long since I last wrote patch notes for Undead Blackout that I have accidentally released two patches and precisely no notes. And so here is the super-massive-combined patch notes for versions 2.1 and 2.2. They are a combination of absolutely boring things and some genuinely good updates for the game. Patch notes for 2.1 can be found at the bottom, but 2.2 is where the good stuff is. The core mechanic of the Blackout Zones has been redesigned and is loads more fun. Lots more quality of life improvements as well as some good old-fashioned bug fixing.

The plan now is to move onto some serious polish and fleshing out of existing features or modes as I really accelerate the Xbox version plans. It is currently running really well on the console and so the next major update for Steam will coincide with the release on console, hopefully sometime toward the end of the summer.

Full patch details below!

Blackout Zones have been redesigned and the outcome of this is the game increases both the fun and action by approximately 87%. This is according to some in depth data analysis I did. Honestly. Basically, the whole ‘Power up the door by holding down a button’ has been replaced with a somewhat similar but vastly superior mechanic. You now have to refuel a generator, switch it on which in turn switches on a bunch of lights, then turn on the door which will slowly open. Now once the fuel runs out, the lights switch of ( A BLACKOUT IF YOU WILL!) and you have to refuel again. The switching on of these things attracts the zombie horde, otherwise you get a steady stream of them coming into the area.

This ramping up of excitement/zombies works really well. You have to balance the risk and reward of how quickly you try and power everything up. Go crazy fast and you might be overwhelmed. Go slow and you score will be decreased by the end of the level as you took so long. Plus you still might randomly die anyway.

Redesigned Levels with the intention of funnelling you to the action much quicker. I have removed pretty much all of the more open spaces in between Blackout Zones as I found the player could end up getting lost or at least confused about which way to go. Funnelling them directly to the Blackout Zones, which is really where all the fun happens, makes so much more sense.

You can walk slowly while aiming now as I think the Blackout Zone tweaks meant the player vs zombie dynamic needed a little balancing. Being stuck still while aiming lead to you dying way too much.

Animated the opening titles to make the game seem fancy.

Added a Subway Car to the Subway cos I mean…that makes sense right? You need an actual Subway car in a Subway level right?

Tweaked audio for zombie footsteps as the ‘Dirt’ audio had no Sound Attenuation and so didn’t sound right. It was far too loud.

Player start on Station level was in the wrong place and if this has been there for a while then it basically meant if you died on the third Blackout Zone and then restarted, you would be stuck in some level geometry. Good stuff.

Improved functionality of the tutorial text in that it will just disappear on its own after a while. Previously you had to get to a certain spot in the first level to switch each promt off. Now it just times out and disappears.

A random UE4 man was in the Police Station and I cannot remember if I added him while testing this patch or if (as I suspect) he has just been hanging out there the entire time, minding his own business and providing me with something to measure height against. But he is now gone.

Raised the roof in the Prison but not in a fun, party way. In the very literal sense the roof mesh was far too low and clipped into the camera.

Upgraded to Unreal Engine 4.25.1 mostly so I am all updated and ready to go with the Xbox version of the game which will be the next major patch just FYI!

All new logo! Yes, it is the big update everyone has been waiting for. The 4MB Interactive logo has been updated to the new 4MB Interactive logo, replacing the old 4MB Interactive logo.

Fixed bug where you could run while using Aimed Shot. Yeah, you should not have been able to do that. By mashing Fire and Aim at the same time you could trick the game and sprint around with the super-powerful aimed shot. Cheating. Pure cheating. Anyway, this is gone now.

Updated to Unreal Engine 4.23 which was good but in 2.2 we have updated to 4.25.1 so basically this is pointless.