Undead Blackout Patch Notes v3.1.0

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Undead Blackout lives on! I think I left the last patch notes with a comment along the lines of ‘maybe the last patch ever?’. Ha yeah no. That was clearly never gonna be the case, I will be updating this game until the day I die.

Update 3.1.0 is a relatively small one to be fair but it is going to be followed by 3.2 (shocker there) which should update the game to Unreal Engine 5 and add in a whole host of fixes and things. Not sure when that one will drop but stay tuned.

The long-gestating Xbox One version may finally see the light of day after some technical challenges. Still a fair way to go but hoping that will finally emerge later this year. Oh, and I have also got the game running really nicely on Nintendo Switch so that seems like a pretty obvious move as well.


Time playing the game seemed broken in the STATS screen. Not quite sure when that happened but the Time Played number got stuck at “0 HOURS 0 MINUTES” which is not ideal I guess

Increased rotation speed while the player is aiming from 50 to 100

Increased player walk speed from 100 to 200

Zombies have gotten faster! Their minimum move speed has gone up to 300 from 275

Removed references to keyboard controls but only temporarily. At the moment the game is primarily set up to be played with a control pad, as part of the next update I will be bringing back proper PC controls with mouse-based aiming etc.

New 4MB Logo is now added to the game! Have realised some of the splash images still have the old one on but that will have to wait for the next update

Shrunk the package size by over 1GB! Was previously 3.6GB on Steam, the game is now 2.5GB. Hopefully, this is just down to me removing a bunch of stuff rather than accidentally deleting four levels.

Upgraded to Unreal Engine 4.27.2 which is the last major engine release before we hit 5.0.0