Undead Blackout Patch Notes – Version 3.0

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Undead Blackout’s last major update is here! Probably the last major one. I think. Will discuss that in more detail with a separate blog post. Anyway, there are a whole bunch of quality of life improvements to the game as well as a new playstyle, Survival Mode, to give you an added challenge.

Pretty sure I have forgotten to write about some of the updates in the below notes but never mind, there have been loads of them. More importantly, the game has had a ridiculous amount of playtesting compared to recent releases which has helped me to balance it a little better as well as uncover all manner of broken things.


All-New Survival Mode A brand new way to play through the levels! This essentially removes the Checkpoints from the normal mode, so as soon as you die you have to go right back to the start of the level and redo any Blackout Zones that you had previously completed. Much more of a challenge and adds some replayability to the whole thing. Naturally, on Steam this also means a bunch more Achievements for you to collect.

New Damage Effect Making it much easier to tell when you have been attacked by a zombie, the screen now flashes up a ‘Damage’ graphic just to make it super, super obvious.

Chambers Station Car Park Revamp It has ramps now! Like an actual multi-story car park. Breaks the space up more effectively and just looks slightly more realistic (when viewed from above obviously)

General Level Decorations All levels have received additional decoration, just a few extra objects or things to make them look better. I won’t go into each one or exactly which areas have had a revamp because I didn’t write them all down and cannot be bothered to go back through and figure it out. There is just more stuff. Trust me.

Extra Doorway in Redfield Manor Library It was a little too easy to get fully trapped in this section so an additional doorway has been added to allow you to try and get round any zombies that have bunched up in the hallway

More Explosive Barrels! They were actually not in every single Blackout Zone so that has been very much addressed. Go blow more things up.

Sprinting While Aiming No Longer Possible If you sprinted and aimed at the exact same time then you could sometimes end up with your Aimed Weapon mode on while Sprinting and then it would kinda get stuck on. No more! Have sorted that out.

Aim Mode Turn Speed Reduced This is part of some general tweaking to the difficulty of the game and so now while you are in Aimed Mode (laser targeting and one-shot kills) you rotate the player more slowly. I found it was a little overpowered the ability to just full one-hit kill the zombies. I like to make you work for it.

Aimed Walk Speed Reduced And alongside the above change I have also reduced the speed at which the player could walk. Again, making it slightly riskier to go into Aimed Mode.

New Checkpoints Added Before Blackout Zones If you die in a Blackout Zone the checkpoint was usually either at the start of the level or just outside the previous Blackout Zone, have now changed this so the most recent Checkpoint is right outside the Blackout Zone that you died in. Lets you get right back into the action.

Weapon Spawn Locations Tweaked There are now only two in each area and I have hidden them a bit more. Makes it slightly more challenging but also forces the player to explore each Blackout Zone a little more, there was a fair bit of dead space that could just be fully ignored if you focus just on refuelling and powering up the doors.

Weapon Spawn Icons Makeover Just a slight jazzing up of the shape as well as changing the colours so the ammo and health are distinct from each other.

Removed Score Boosts Didn’t love these actually, they were dotted around the level but actually didn’t add much to the gameplay and so have been removed.

Ending Levels Somtime’s Gave Double Score Not even entirely sure how this happened? But I re-did the whole score calculation process and this seems to have stopped happening now.

Occasionally Couldn’t Finish Redfield Manor Due to the Trigger Volume not quite registering the player for some reason, you were sometimes unable to complete the third level. This has now been fixed!

Could Get Behind The Police Station This should not have been possible and could result in the player falling into the void of nothingness underneath the level. Has now been blocked off properly

Pavement Too High Outside Downtown Restaurant You could not walk onto it! Super annoying. Has been lowered.

You Were Unable To Shoot Through Open Blackout Doors on Valentine Forest Level This was due to trigger volumes being too high and the bullets reading them as having hit something, therefore they would disappear! Obviously not the case when the door is supposed to be open.

Reload Icon Now Disappears On Weapon Change It just stayed there before, even if you swapped to a gun that had loads of ammo in it. Now the icon will disappear but reappear should you then swap back to your low on ammo weapon.

More Zombie Models There was only one poor zombie before, now there are four variations which are randomly selected when a zombie spawns into the world

Zombies Damaged You Too Quickly Occasionally you could get from max health to dead far too quickly and all from just one zombie. This has been tweaked so the damage is in time with the zombie ‘attack’ animations.

Zombie Spawners Repositioned In almost every level and Blackout Zone these have been tweaked to allow for a more even spread of zombies and their routes to attack the player

Added Extra Spawner To Blackout Zones Five possible places the zombies can attack you from now within each Blackout Zone!

Zombies Spawning Outside The Prison In an area totally inaccessible to the player. Not very useful.

Zombie On A Wall In Redfield Manor a zombie would occasionally spawn up on a wall and not be able to get down nor could you shoot it.

Zombie On A Subway Train Very similar issue. Sometimes a few zombies would make their way onto the roof of the subway train within the Burton Line Subway level.

Blackout Door’s Have a Mesh Above The Main Door Just to make it look slightly less like you could probably jump over the door and not worry about having to power it up and stuff.

Helpful Yellow Cables Link All Blackout Doors & Power Consoles Makes it much easier to navigate from the consoles to the doors, they are not always right next to each other. Now you can just follow the yellow cable and you can find the exit.

Blackout Lights Mesh Improvement They now have a proper base to them! I mean, it is not a huge difference but it is better.

No More Skipping Music Tracks A few of the audio tracks stuttered as they started playing again and caused a notable hitch, this has now been removed and the music flows much more smoothly. Can barely tell it is the same thing on repeat mostly.

Generator, Blackout Door And Petrol Pump Now Makes Noise This was an oversight from previous versions, the generator actually makes some proper generator sounding noise now. The petrol pump is pumping petrol (shockingly) while the door makes some whirring ‘door opening’ noise. Makes it much easier to realise when these have stopped happening because the door is open or you ran out of fuel.

Zombies Groan That’s is pretty much it. They make weird noises. It is me. I am making the weird noises. I am so sorry.

Upgraded to Unreal Engine 4.26 which gives us some lovely improvements under the hood.