Ballzout Patch Notes v1.2

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BallzOut has had a small patch ahead of the larger patch coming later this year (hopefully)! The patch is available now on Nintendo Switch and PC!

Upgraded to Unreal Engine 4.27 which makes absolutely everything better.

Missing Delete Ballz button During practise sessions the ‘Delete Your Ballz’ button was not appearing, now it is


Blueprint code refactoring Updates in the backend which has focused on tidying up blueprints, removing redundant code, and making things much easier for me to follow when I have not looked at the game in a while.

Proper platform detection The game now knows what platform it is being played on without me having to go in and faff around with that myself whenever I am building. Makes life a whole lot easier.

New Logo! The new 4MB logo now pops up at the start of the game