Omvorm Patch Notes v1.3

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Omvorm has been updated to v 1.3.0! Two updates in a year (kind of). Glorious stuff. This patch is mostly under the hood fixes ahead of a larger 2.0 release later on this year. The patch is available now on Nintendo Switch and PC!

Upgraded to Unreal Engine 4.27 which gives us some lovely improvements under the hood.

Level Check was happening on the Main Menu Basically the game kept shouting ‘Level Up!’ at you once you quit back to the Main menu

Repositioned the PowerDown mesh It was clipping through the floor which looks crap. Now it does not clip through the floor!

Blitz Mode kept on upping the level when you died Similar issue to the Main menu level up problem above, if you die and sit on the Game Over screen the game would shout ‘Level Up’ at set intervals. No longer!

Blueprint code refactoring Updates in the backend which has focused on tidying up blueprints, removing redundant code, and making things much easier for me to follow when I have not looked at the game in a while.

New Logo! The new 4MB logo makes its debut on the intro screen. About time too.