Omvorm Patch Notes v1.2

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Ok so these updates are actually pretty decent

While testing Omvorm a few weeks back something struck me about it while I was whizzing the shapes toward me as fast as I could. There was no actual incentive to do this quickly. You could take it all quite leisurely and still end up with roughly the same score. You see the game would increase the level, and therefore speed, every 10 successful shapes you matched. So why bother going quickly? Well yes, exactly. But all that has now changed thanks to the Omvorm 1.2 patch. Gameplay has been upgraded, modes have been simplified and all in all, it is a much, much better experience for the player. The patch is available now on Nintendo Switch and PC!

A brand new style of gameplay which dramatically increases the fun and challenge of the game. The previous mode would increase speed/level every 10 successful Vorm walls completed, as discussed in the opening paragraph that you read about 30 seconds ago. Now the level/speed increases at a set increment of 20 seconds. Take your time and you have less chance to make the most of the slower speed Vorm’s coming toward you. Race through that 20 seconds and you could have a much, much easier job of getting a high score. It fully encourages you to move as quickly as possible now in order to get the biggest score.

The second part of this is that managing the speed of the game becomes crucial, going for the Speed Decrease powerups becomes incredibly important in order to bring the walls down to a more manageable pace and allow you to relax a little as you increase your point tally.

And of course, all of these changes affect the 2-player mode as now whoever can move the quickest, will absolutely get more points and win, provided they are accurate! It makes for a much more frantic and challenging competitive mode, one that I think is far more enjoyable than the previous version.

Removed multiple Blitz modes as to be honest, they were just unnecessary. There is just the one Blitz mode now and it simply starts with the game running at full pelt. It is actually a great way to practice dealing with the higher speeds you should achieve eventually in Marathon mode. Instead of going for a score in a set time, it is simply trying to survive as long as you possibly can while starting at a crazy fast pace.

New ‘How To Play’ section which appears at the start of each play of the game, whether in Marathon or Blitz modes. The previous How To Play information was in the Main Menu area and I don’t think it was very useful there. Moving it to the Game Start screen puts it front and centre for players new and old.  The information has been updated to spell out exactly what you need to do as well as detailing the controls and perhaps most importantly, what each power-up does. Speaking of which…

New Power-Up Shapes have been created! They look so fancy. Not only have they had a visual makeover but the way in which they spawn has been updated. Previously they would all look the same and you would only find out what the powerup was once you collected it. Now you can see what is coming down the track and decide if you want the Point boost or not.

Upgraded to Unreal Engine 4.25 which gives us some lovely improvements under the hood.

In the last patch notes, I mentioned that I hoped it would not be a full year before improving the game again and thankfully that has not been the case. I still have a few more things I want to add to the game and will be looking to do this over the rest of the summer.