It’s Another Update That Isn’t Really Saying Much

Yeah, not much has happened. Again. 

Back in February (my god that was ages ago) I wrote a blog about actually getting off my arse and doing some work. It may come as no great shock to learn that this has not happened. There has been no work. Why is this? Life. Big dumb, stupid life has not been cooperating at all. I shan’t go into the specifics, it is a tale this is both sad and hilarious and really requires a few beers before getting stuck into. No, instead of wallowing I am going to finally, actually do some damn work on this stupid company. In fact I have been doing some work on this stupid company.

For a start our logo is slightly different. Absolutely nobody will be able to tell the difference, largely because nobody comes on this site but still. Secondly and far more importantly, I have been working on updating the four games we have out in the wild as well as working on some weird little Survival Game side project. So yeah, here is a run down of what is hopefully going to be happening over the next couple of months for each game. Honestly. Promise it will happen this time.

Undead Blackout

Oh Undead Blackout, will I ever be finished with you? Yes. Yes I will be. And quite soon in fact! Well, that is the plan anyway. The 2.0 version is basically done. Some of the levels need tweaking and decorating, but you can essentially play through from start to finish now. The menu screens need work as they make no sense currently. But we are so close now. It is a totally different game (well, still a top-down zombie shooter) and now has much longer levels and a better pacing of the challenge as the game goes on. Still hopeful of releasing on Xbox One but not entirely sure when that will be and I do have it running on Switch so if I can optimise it enough it may also see the light of day there. This has also now been updated to Unreal Engine 4.22.2 and runs so much smoother now.


  • The reboot is almost done.
  • Still hopeful of Xbox One release and possibly Nintendo Switch release.
  • Steam version should be updated within the next couple of weeks. Ideally by the end of June at the latest.


Omvorm really should be the easiest game to update, it is basically not going to change a great deal. I may add the odd new mode in here and there but nothing too drastic. Certainly would benefit from some optimisations and so that is what it shall get. Updated to Unreal Engine 4.22.2 as you may have expected by now and will look to push out an update for PC/Switch in July sometime.


  • Optimisations incoming
  • Contemplating a co-op mode where one person moves and the other transforms, think it could be fun but need to test this first.
  • 1.1 version arriving in July

Galactic Defence Squadron

Galactic Defence Squadron is in need of some love. It is a game I really enjoy but it needs work. The current plan is not to wildly alter the game or anything, but to change how the level is laid out. Thinking at the moment to zoom the action out so you can pretty much see most/all of the play area and place the Ursa Major in the center rather than down at the bottom of the level. Initially I saw this as a vertical scrolling kinda shooter and some design choices reflect that still despite it not being how the game ended up. Shouldn’t require too much work and I shall be experimenting with gameplay changes soon. Once perfected (or good enough that I don’t care anymore) I will release it on Switch as well. Again, got this running nicely on the dev kit and it has also been updated to Unreal Engine 4.22.2. Multiplayer is not out of the question, wouldn’t mind a co-op mode.


  • Fairly major gameplay change being worked on
  • Nintendo Switch version on the way
  • Looking to be completed by late July.
  • Multiplayer update at some point maybe.

Urban Jogging

Urban Jogging has had a few revisions over the last couple of years. I am almost, almost happy with it but there is still some fine tuning to be done and so that is of course what I plan to do. Once that is completed though the game will be updated on and released on Nintendo Switch. Already got it running (pun intended) pretty nicely, just need to tweak the controls and iron out a few bugs. It has already been updated to Unreal Engine 4.22.2 and works fine there.


  • Optimising the game, squashing bugs
  • Releasing on Nintendo Switch
  • Thinking about a 2-player mode but we shall see. Maybe later.
  • All done by early August (Switch release date TBC)

OK that is your lot. Hopefully the next blog post can be about something we have ACTUALLY ACHIEVED and not more waffle about stuff I hope to do.

Tom Gilchrist<br>Founder/Creative Director
Tom Gilchrist
Founder/Creative Director

As a one-man company, Tom basically does absolutely everything at 4MB Interactive including things he hates doing, like marketing, or things he is bad at, like making games. Loves a strong coffee.
FAVOURITE GAMES: Resident Evil 2, Tomb Raider 2, Alien Isolation, The Witcher 3

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