2018 & Beyond – What Next For 4MB Interactive?

Planning some things

We have a new name in 4MB Interactive but what the heck are we actually going to do when it comes to making games? Over the past few years, my level of game development skill has gone from “none” to “some” so while I really want to work on something brand new I simply cannot leave our current crop of games in their buggy and unfinished states. Obviously then the most logical choice is to do both of things at once – begin early work on a new project while also taking the time to build upon and improve the current crop of games.

Urban Jogging and Galactic Defence Squadron will have their updates and relaunched versions out in the wild in the very near future, Urban Jogging has been overhauled while GDS has received some reasonably minor updates and tweaks. Undead Blackout though is a whole different kettle of fish, that game needs some serious reworking and so I have decided to start from scratch (again). I will go into more details on all three games over the coming weeks but for now, watch this space.

With these fancy new versions of Urban Jogging and GDS comes a new strategy of releasing all of our titles on Itch.io (undecided on Undead Blackout at this point). Unreal Engine 4 makes it so easy to port from mobile to PC and vice versa and so it seems foolish not to make use of this. Keep an eye out for Urban Jogging and GDS on Itch.io at some point in the Spring as well as the majority of our future releases.

With regards to future projects, I will definitely be trying to produce smaller but more frequent releases, I have not produced enough over the past couple of years. The ideal workflow would be to work on one large project for a long period while also churning out a few small experimental games. Will it prove too much work? Maybe. But I hope that keeping the variety high will keep my motivation levels similarly high and help me improve as a game developer.

Enough talking, time to get on with all this work, and try and make 4MB Interactive an actual success.

Tom Gilchrist<br>Founder/Creative Director
Tom Gilchrist
Founder/Creative Director

As a one-man company, Tom basically does absolutely everything at 4MB Interactive including things he hates doing, like marketing, or things he is bad at, like making games. Loves a strong coffee.
FAVOURITE GAMES: Resident Evil 2, Tomb Raider 2, Alien Isolation, The Witcher 3

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