Shape Shift Is Transforming Into Omvorm

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Shape Shift Is Transforming Into Omvorm

It’s not actually that exciting, calm down

Remember that UE4 Spring Jam game that I bashed together in like 3 days? We didn’t win or anything but that is fine, I am not sad. Honestly. Shape Shift is a great little game and with a bit of extra polish it could be a brilliant game. And that is exactly what it is going to get. First of all, it is not called Shape Shift any more. It is now called…

Omvorm is a made up word by inspired by the Dutch word for ‘reshape’. Seeing as my future wife is Dutch you can probably expect this to happen with our other games. Or I might just make a horror game set in a windmill.

Anyway, Omvorm is going to get the aforementioned spit and polish but it will also get some tasty new features. First up we have Blitz Mode which will simply be a quicker version of the regular game allowing for shorter play sessions. Secondly I will incorporate some form of competitive two-player mode. Still figuring out exactly how to structure this one so stay tuned for more details.

The game will be updated on the page (where it shall remain free until the update rolls out) but most excitingly of all – OMVORM IS COMING TO NINTENDO SWITCH! Cannot express how excited I am to be releasing a game on a Nintendo console.

When is all this happening then? Well unless there is some terrible unforseen problem, the game should be available in its new form this summer. The vast majority of the work was done during the game jam so I am hoping that the additional development won’t be too painful.

On a side note, Undead Blackout is still coming and I intend to split my work between the two projects over the next month or so. Exciting times ahead!

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