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  • 4MB Interactive’s Mighty Plans For 2019
    I feel like I have written a few of these “what we are doing in the future” things now and by and large the hopes and dreams contained within have all failed to come to fruition. This is down to one thing – me. Yes that old stumbling block of ...>>>
  • 4MBlog: Looking Back At ‘Rescue On Fractulus’
    NOTE: 4MBlog is a series which focuses on everything except our own games. This could be retrospectives on old classics, a look at the most recent gaming trends or something totally random. You get the idea. Rescue On Fractulus was released in 1984 ...>>>
  • A Very Different Kind Of Blog Post
    I have been sat in my bed trying to figure out how to write a blog post about how I have not written any blog posts for ages and (shockingly) I don’t seem to be able to get started. Well, until this little burst anyway. But this is just ...>>>
  • It Is Almost Time For Omvorm
    Remember our little Unreal Engine Spring Jam entry that is coming to Nintendo Switch? Omvorm? Well it is very nearly ready. But you guessed that from the title. It has taken a little under a month for me to spruce it up. New modes have been added. ...>>>
  • Menu’s, Highscores and Other Super Boring Undead Blackout Tasks
    Our previous blog some 7 days ago was all about how we are moving into the Alpha build of Undead Blackout. The basic blocks were there but now literally everything else needed adding in. Well the good news is that this process is almost done! ...>>>
  • Shape Shift Is Transforming Into Omvorm
    Remember that UE4 Spring Jam game that I bashed together in like 3 days? We didn’t win or anything but that is fine, I am not sad. Honestly. Shape Shift is a great little game and with a bit of extra polish it could be a brilliant game. And ...>>>
  • Moving Into Undead Blackout’s Alpha Build. Again.
    We announced the other week that Undead Blackout was getting a massive overhaul so I should probably let you know how that is going., right? Doesn’t really matter what you say at this point as that is what I am going to do. At the moment we ...>>>
  • Undead Blackout Is Not Totally Dead Just Yet
    It is safe to say that Undead Blackout has not been a huge success and this should come as no surprise to anyone at all, least of all me. When the game first released on February 3rd 2017, I was exhausted and the game was an unfinished mess. It sold ...>>>
  • My First Game Jam
    I think I mentioned in a previous post about the future of 4MB Interactive, I had the intention to try and build more experimental and tightly focused games. Well I have made good on this promise with the creation of Shape Shift which was our entry ...>>>
  • You Are Now Leaving The Comfort Zone
    Over the weekend of the 13th-15th April, I attended EGX Rezzed as I have done for the past three years. With my fourth trip I expected much the same as before, I would leave having played some great games, seen some great developer talks and topped ...>>>
  • URBAN JOGGING Is Improved, Updated & Back On The Road
    I started working on Urban Jogging back in the summer of 2016, Undead Blackout was stuck in the Steam Greenlight limbo and so I thought it might be nice to work on a quick little mobile game. I had gotten the idea while jogging down Holloway Road ...>>>
    Galactic Defence Squadron was smashed together in just two weeks back in October 2016. It is a great little arcade space shooter featuring some truly excellent music and an endless supply of enemies to destroy. Since then it has sat on the App Store ...>>>
  • 2018 & Beyond – What Next For 4MB Interactive?
    We have a new name in 4MB Interactive but what the heck are we actually going to do when it comes to making games? Over the past few years my level of game development skill has gone from “none” to “some” so while I really want to work on something ...>>>
  • Announcing The Birth Of 4MB Interactive
    The eagle eyed among you (hi mum!) will have noticed a few changes have quietly been occurring over the last couple of weeks. Chiefly things like names and logos for Borderline Inappropriate Game Studios all disappeared and been replaced with a ...>>>