Urban Jogging


Urban Jogging is colourful arcade jogging game which requires the player to avoid the many obstacles found in an urban environment alongside the many pedestrians that unhelpfully wander into their path. The game boasts simple controls, gorgeous cel shaded graphics and a serious challenge for gamers looking to beat their best lap times.



Urban Jogging was first released on Android back in 2016 and was a game that I worked on over the summer while Undead Blackout was making its way through Steam Greenlight. I had hope to finish the project in just a month or two but it ended up taking maybe 4 months to get to the stage where I released it.

Similarly to Galactic Defence Squadron, in February 2018 I decided to revisit the game and give it some much needed upgrades. Whereas GDS just needed some spit and polish, i made the decision to completely overhaul Urban Jogging and make the game I had always envisioned.

The finished product is now much closer to what I wanted and while there are still plenty of things I could improve, it is in a state where I am happy to let it be for the time being.


  • URBAN JOGGING Is Improved, Updated & Back On The Road
    Urban Jogging Is Improved, Updated & Back On The Road by Tom Gilchrist I started working on Urban Jogging back in the summer of 2016, Undead Blackout was stuck in the Steam Greenlight limbo and so I thought it might be nice to work on a quick ...>>>


Created and Designed by Tom Gilchrist.

Music by Ed Eji.