Omvorm is a frantic shape based puzzle game that requires sharp reflexes and quick wits. Line up your ‘Vorm’, change to the correct shape and then speed the ‘Vormwall’ toward you to score maximum points. You can play solo in either the Marathon or Blitz modes or take on a friend in competitive multiplayer.




  • It’s Another Update That Isn’t Really Saying Much
    Back in February (my god that was ages ago) I wrote a blog about actually getting off my arse and doing some work. It may come as no great shock to learn that this has not happened. There has been no work. Why is this? Life. Big dumb, stupid life […]
  • It Is Almost Time For Omvorm
    Remember our little Unreal Engine Spring Jam entry that is coming to Nintendo Switch? Omvorm? Well it is very nearly ready. But you guessed that from the title. It has taken a little under a month for me to spruce it up. New modes have been added. […]
  • Shape Shift Is Transforming Into Omvorm
    Remember that UE4 Spring Jam game that I bashed together in like 3 days? We didn’t win or anything but that is fine, I am not sad. Honestly. Shape Shift is a great little game and with a bit of extra polish it could be a brilliant game. And […]
  • My First Game Jam
    I think I mentioned in a previous post about the future of 4MB Interactive, I had the intention to try and build more experimental and tightly focused games. Well I have made good on this promise with the creation of Shape Shift which was our entry […]