• A Quick Update & A New Game!
    It hasn’t been the usual eleven months between blog posts so I don’t have loads to tell you about at the moment, just that two of our games are currently being given a once over by Nintendo ahead of […Read More]
  • Undead Blackout: Reanimated Edition Has Launched On Steam
    After twelve months of dicking around and wasting time on boring “actual life stuff”, finally I have had the time to actually get Undead Blackout to the point I would like it to be at. This means I […Read More]
  • It’s Another Update That Isn’t Really Saying Much
    Back in February (my god that was ages ago) I wrote a blog about actually getting off my arse and doing some work. It may come as no great shock to learn that this has not happened. There has been no […Read More]
  • 4MB Interactive’s Mighty Plans For 2019
    I feel like I have written a few of these “what we are doing in the future” things now and by and large the hopes and dreams contained within have all failed to come to fruition. This is down to one […Read More]
  • 4MBlog: Looking Back At ‘Rescue On Fractulus’
    NOTE: 4MBlog is a series which focuses on everything except our own games. This could be retrospectives on old classics, a look at the most recent gaming trends or something totally random. You get […Read More]

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